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About Us

3Dupndown allows people around the world to discover, observe, upload, download, and share originally created 3D models. Members can interact, inform, and inspire others across the globe. In short, 3Dupndown acts as a distribution platform for 3D model users, creators, and advertisers.

Our motto is to “make the coming future.”

"We can make the future together and make incredible changes in the world."

"We invite you to join the community that will make changes to the future."

Our distinctive community is what sets aside us from other 3D model platforms. In order to run our community, three important participants should function as one. The three important factors are designers, advertisers, and downloaders. Our community allows designers to extend their capabilities and share their designs without barrier with the help of advertisers and downloaders. Advertisers can post their products with more impact through our exclusive advertising methods towards our designer and downloaders. Downloaders will come across with quality designs and help designers to become successful. Our community works in a cycle bound to grow. Every member is crucial and worthy of our community. So, become a part of our community and make changes to the future!