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*From banner ads to short clips, we can ensure the quality of your advertisement and the advertisers can always check the statistics from their own pages.
*Category Exclusive Ads allow advertisers to market their product along with Banner Ads to increase the sales and effectively target potential customers.

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If you have any questions or concerns about advertising, you may contact 3Dupndown Advertising Team through ([email protected]).

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1. Create an account

Create a 3Dupndown account and become a member of our community OR log in to our website using your Facebook or Google account (we highly recommend advertisers to create a 3Dupndown account). Enter the Sign Up page (on the top of the main page) and click [Members for advertisers]. Then fill out the information and make sure to check you have a valid e-mail address.

If you need help, send us your issues to ([email protected]) with basic contact information (name, contact number, e-mail, case of the issue, and etc.,).

2. Go through Advertisements (placement & size)

After you have succeeded in registering with our community, you will be directed to your main page. Click on the blue [Advertising] button and browse through the types of advertisements and its placement. Please note the maximum sizes of each type of advertisement listed below.

visa Master Card JCB
Ads Products Displayed pages Size(Pixel) File Type Placement
Category Exclusive Ads Category Exclusive Ads 980x130 jpg sample
567x167 jpg sample
390x300 jpg, video sample
Main Banner Ad Main Page 234x123 jpg sample
Category Banner Ad Category Page 187x85 jpg sample
My Page Banner Ad My Page 260x110 jpg sample
Sign in Banner Ad Sign in Page 315x249 jpg sample

3. Choose Either Category or Banner (explanation)

Category Exclusive Advertisement is one of our distinguished features of 3Dupndown advertising services. Advertisers can pick a category given in our website and post their advertisement correlating with the category itself. Thus, members of our community will be more drawn to your advertisement due to similar interests. Additionally, advertisement is shown three times surely drawing the viewer’s attention.

To start advertising in Category Exclusive Advertisement, just follow the steps below.

1) First, check our regulations and note that advertisers must have a balance of at least $100 in order to start Category Exclusive Advertisement. We apply prepaid system and if you wish to learn more about the cost of advertisement, please refer to the section 4 of this page.

2) If you wish to maximize your advertisement effects, it is best to browse through our website and see what category best suits your advertisement. Then, click the blue [Advertising] button from your main page and select the category you wish to advertise. For example, if your product is related to toy it is recommended that you choose the “Toy” category of our webpage for the placement of your advertisement.

All categories have waitlists with values starting from 0 (zero). If the value is 0, it means that there are no ongoing advertisements in that category. However, if the value is 1 or higher, your advertisement will be displayed after the previous advertisements have finished their advertisement period.

3) After you have completed selecting your category, you will be addressed to [FILL OUT] page. Advertisers are required to fill out the form with caution and please mind the size of your advertisement (NOTE: The URL section is a link to your website). You can set the period of time of your advertisement. If the balance runs out before the expiry date you have set, the advertisement will stop running automatically. 3Dupndown Advertisement Manager will notify the advertisers of the expiry date 10 days before. You may lengthen your post or fill up more balance to keep the advertisement posted.

4) After you have filled out the form, you may preview your advertisement for any errors and finish posting your advertisement by clicking [Submit]. Your advertisement will not be posted right after you have submitted your form. The Advertisement Manager will verify your post and check for any bugs or errors. Please note our restrictions on advertising in the section 5 of this page.

Banner Advertisement is something common with all websites around the world. You can target a larger number of audiences through Banner Advertisement. If you want our whole community to see your product, banner advertising is the best for you.

To start Banner Advertisement, please follow the steps described below.

1) Enter [Advertising] page through My Page and scroll down to the bottom of the [Advertising] page. You will see four different type of Banner Advertisement and each has different placement (and may have different effects).

① [Sign In] Banner Advertisement.

② [Main Page] Banner Advertisement.

③ [Category] Banner Advertisement.

④ [My Page] Banner Advertisement.

* Each type of advertisement has different costs.

2) Click the orange [Advertise] Button and again, please be aware of the different costs. Complete the form given and make sure to double check the “running time.” (NOTE: The URL section is a link to your website).

3) After you have completed filling out the form, you may preview your advertisement for any errors and finish posting your advertisement by clicking [Submit], which will address you to the payment page. Your credit card must be valid and must be either VISA or MASTERCARD. Fill out the payment page and your advertisement request will be sent to 3Dupndown Adverting Manager. Your advertisement will not be posted right after you have submitted your form. 3Dupndown Advertising Manager will verify your post and check for any bugs or errors. Please do mind our restrictions in the section 5 of this page. Once everything is verified within 3 business days, only then will our advertisement be posted.

4. Payment System

All payments must be processed through credit card that is either VISA or MASTERCARD.

Category Exclusive Advertisement must be prepaid with the least amount of $100. Every time your advertisement is shown three times to a downloader, $0.15 will be deducted from your balance. If the downloader does not complete the download process, the fee will not be deducted even though your part of advertisement was shown. Your advertisement will be shown in any 3D models under the category you have selected. 70% of the advertisement profit will be sent to the designer of the model and 30% will be directed to 3Dupndown for website management under the Terms.


If your product is advertised under Hobby > Toys / Games and you have a balance of $200. Your advertisement will be shown 4,000 times ($0.05 X 4,000 = $200). Every download shows 3 different advertisements. Thus, your advertisement is actually viewed 12,000 times.

Banner Advertisement fee is paid only after you have submitted your request to 3Dupndown. Advertisers must choose the period of time they would like to post and multiply the amount of days with the per day cost fee. Advertisers will pay after they submit their request to 3Dupndown.
If your product is advertised under [Sign Up] page and you have set your advertising period of time as 30 days and each day costs $12, the total amount of advertisement fee will add up to $360 ($12 X 30 days = $360).

Your payment details will be securely transmitted to the bank and payment companies for transaction authorization using 256bit SSL encryption.

5. Restriction & Law

① 3Dupndown does not allow the copying or distribution of copyrighted material unless you have the consent from the copyright holder or otherwise permitted by law.

② 3Dupndown does not allow the promotion of website that uses the “Phishing” techniques.

③ “Phishing” is an attempt to obtain user’s personal information by disguising their website to look like another website.

④ 3Dupdown does not allow websites that their primary purpose is to collect personal information.

⑤ 3Dupdown does not allow any attempts to circumvent our Policy, such as scams, phishing, spreading virus, Trojan, and other malware on our website that can threat or damage the use of our website and our members – users, publishers (designers), developers, and advertisers.

<Restricted Products and Services>

Many products and services are regulated by law, which can vary from country to country. All advertising, as well as the products and services being advertised, must clearly comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

For the most part, our policies aren't designed to describe the actual laws in every country. All advertisers bear their own responsibility for understanding the laws applicable to their business. Our policies are often more restrictive than the law, because we need to be sure we can offer services that are legal and safe for all users.

• Abortion

• Adult sexual services

• Alcohol

• Casinos and gambling

• Endangered species

• Fake documents

• Financial services

• Fireworks

• Healthcare and medicines

• Illegal drugs and psychoactive substances

• Illegal hacking

• Illegal products and services

• Political advertising

• Solicitation of funds

• Tobacco products

• Trade sanctions and restricted parties

• Traffic devices

• Underage or non-consensual sex acts

• Weapons